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$25 Transfer Fee Per Firearm

It is the buyers responsibility to provide for transfer a complete, legible invoice showing buyers name and total amount paid for item(s) with or without sales/use tax.  If no sales/use tax was collected, we must collect it at time of transfer.  If you fail your background check (get denied), there will be a $50 fee assessed for additional time & paperwork. 


As of  01/01/2024 - there is a 10 business day mandatory MINIMUM waiting period for ALL firearm purchases.  FFL's can not release/transfer any firearm without an approval (proceed) from WA State Patrol.

$18 WA State Background Check Fee

Per WA State, we must collect an $18 fee for a transaction requiring a background check

$45 NFA Transfer Fee Per Item

NFA transfer price includes one person on ATF Form 4's.  Additional added trustees are $40 per person, per item.  We are set up for electronic submission.

$15 Per NFA Fingerprint Card

Two fingerprint cards are needed for every NFA item submission per person.

$15 Per NFA Photo Set

PER WA State, No firearm on the HB1240 list may be transferred in WA state.  Firearms not approved within WA will be subject to a $50 transfer fee plus shipping back to supplier.  DO NOT SHIP: Semi-auto rifles, AR/AK/semi auto receivers, threaded barrel handguns, AR/AK/MP5 type semi auto pistols, semi auto shotguns with mags, pistol grips & threaded barrels, magazines greater than 10 rounds, firearms with internal magazines greater than 10 rounds (or 7 for shotguns) or any other item described in HB1240.


For firearm purchases, you will need to provide evidence that you successfully completed the WA I-1639/HB1143 safety course.  Below is a link to a FREE course to take.  Once completed, print off certificate and bring to the shop when you start your transfer paperwork.  We would like to thank Sporting-Systems for providing this free course to take.

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